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Fish36 Fishing Scavenger Hunt Q&A

How many people can we have on a team?

As many as you like. Teams win prizes, not individuals, so the fewer on a team the greater your chances of winning prizes.

What if we don’t know how to fish or don’t catch a lot of fish? To start, everyone gets a few tickets just for participating. The event is actually structured to attract the non-fishermen. This is a family event, not a contest. There’s no first place, no trophies, or any awards for largest fish. Anyone could fish off a local pier or bridge and catch a few species on our list. If you’re not sure what you caught, take a photo anyway, it’s most likely worth points. You’d be surprised how much the non-fishermen won at previous event. Also, we throw in a few ways to collect “bonus points” that don’t involve catching fish:)

Can we sign up after June 2?

Yes. In the past people only had 36 hours to fish, now it’s a week, so there’s plenty of time to still participate if you come in late. Contact us and we’ll get a start-up package to you.

Can I use a credit-card to register? Not online, but yes on June 2 in person. Pick-up location TBA by mid April.

Can we show our photos online and save time at check-in? No. Pictures are points, points are raffle tickets, and raffle tickets are winnings. Anything online opens up too many chances for errors. (Our last event had nearly 1,000 photos, we can’t be expected to have them e-mailed and track each team without errors.) Our check-in goes very quick and smooth. We form a “Who’s next” bank-style line to look at your photos then give you a sheet of paper showing totals. You take that to the raffle ticket table for your tickets. All of your tickets have the same number on them, your “team number.” It’s a quick process that goes quick and has yet to have an error.   

Is it really only $100 to participate? Your entry covers participating, everyone gets a 2018 event shirt, and there’s food for everyone. We will be selling additional t-shirts for a surprise we’ll announce at the event, plus there will be a few games for additional fund raisers to win special prizes. But yes, once you enter, anything you choose to spend would be by choice.     

Does it have to be my kid? The event promotes the concept of “Take a kid fishing.” To answer the question, no. It can be your kid, a rental, neighbors, etc. We need to see a kid that you took fishing in the photos, (not just some random kid in the background), and we need to see secret photo items in pictures to prove it was caught that week, but we’re not concerned where the “kid” came from or who they belong to:)

What’s in the raffle? First, you associate your raffle tickets with what YOU want to win so you don’t win a bowling ball if that’s not what you wanted. We can’t guarantee what we’ll have till raffle day, but in the past we’ve had anything from cloths, art, fishing gear…. to a boat trailer. The last event had 400 ticket buckets and we needed more on event day.     

Is there a limit to how many teams can enter?  Not at this point, but we may be limited on how many can be in the building. We’ll modify this as needed. But as of now, there’s no limit. As the event grows we will have to find a way to limit participation, or rent the Lee Civic Center!

Can we bring other friends to the main event? Yes, if you have a friend in town or someone that wants to see the event, please do, but we ask you to limit this. The food is graciously donated for participants, we don’t want to take advantage of the donor’s hospitality. Plus, too many people make the main raffle take longer.    

Questions? The last two events involved almost 1,000 people and we never got one question. It’s a pretty simple event. But please contact us if you have one. Out Facebook page may supply group answers, the website has a Q&A page, plus the host’s cell and e-mail is available.


>>> We HIGHLY recommend you have 2-3 different people taking photos; print them, e-mail them to yourself, etc. If you loose your pictures, you’re out of luck :(   

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