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Nautical Mile Magazine is your host for a unique annual event where coastal enthusiasts come together for a memorable week on the water to support a program developing advanced life skills in our youth.

In a nutshell:

You’re turned loose on a Saturday morning with a list of 36 species of fish that can be caught locally. The objective is to catch as many as you can in a week. Fish where you like, with who you like, for an hour or all week. You’re given items that must appear in photos to show you caught the fish that week, and you’ll get a bonus if a kid is in at least some of your photos. Keep or release your fish, all we want is a picture.   

Secret “photo items” are distributed to teams so you can split up and fish separately. A team member can catch a Bass, call your team-mates to tell them to scratch a Bass off the list, while another catches a Snapper, etc. One photo per species, move on to the next as a team.

*Know that teams win prizes, so the fewer people on a team, the more odds at winning. It’s an inexpensive event to participate in, so many people register individually to increase their odds of winning prizes.

The following Saturday morning show us your pictures -in person. Show us your phone, print them, however you like. Each qualifying photo gets raffle tickets. 1 photo per species and move on to the next. You’ll have an event program explaining everything. It’s pretty simple…

- IMPORTANT- Secure your photos. Don’t trust an online cloud system. Email them to yourself, upload them, send to friends, etc. If you loose your photos, you’re out of luck.

A week later you’ll see all of the prizes and start to understand how a catfish could easily win a big screen television. Over 400 people showed up the first year we hosted this. Food is another memorable part of the event. No wristbands or additional fees for food. Everyone eats.

Your $100 team registration covers everything to participate including food and the main raffle. People have commented how much they get for $100 team, and this is a fundraiser, so we’ll have games at the event, sort of a “$10 for 10 throws” type of thing, but these are optional.

The main raffle is designed where you associate your tickets with things you’d personally like to win. ALL proceeds go directly to a 501c designed to teach advanced life and people skills to our youth, with a complete financial statement publicly available to sponsors, donors and participants after the event.

Sponsors are very generous and volunteers come from all over to help work and organize this memorable event. The raffle itself is the main attraction and lasts about 3 hours. Bring your appetite:)

The fee for a team is only $100. Put as many on a team as you like, but know that you’ll be sharing your winnings with your team. The fewer on a team, the more you can win.

A raffle this size would take a while without some creativity so we make custom raffle tickets with your team number on them to speed things up. There’s no waiting for people to look through ticket numbers. You have ONE number; your team number. We call a number, send a “runner”, and we call another. Things move very quickly.  

Expect a few twists, and if you have an opportunity to thank any of our sponsors, please do so. Their donations are what makes this inexpensive for everyone to enjoy.

Eat, fish, volunteer, sponsor, or just come watch the fun at 2018’s Fish36!  

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