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New for 2018

36/36: Previously the event was 36 species in 36 hours. We’re still targeting 36 species, but now you’ll be starting on a Saturday morning and fishing for 7 days. No pressure, no prize for the largest, and so you know, a lot of people only caught 4-5 different fish in the past and won a lot of prizes.  

Kids: We’re adding the element of “Take a kid fishing.” If you “involved” kids in the event your team gets bonus raffle tickets. - You DO NOT NEED to involve kids to participate.

Tickets for sale: At the last event we sold tickets as an added fund-raiser. Not this year. It wasn’t a problem, but we don’t want someone that participated in the event competing with someone that bought rolls of tickets on event day. We’ll have “Yellow Tickets” at the event too, these are obtained by playing games at the event for special high-dollar prizes. Sort of a “10 throws for $10” type of games.  

Venue: We held this in a boat-barn and pushed maximum seating capacity, it was exposed to possible weather, had limited parking, we had to rush out afterwards, and we had the expense of renting plus setting up and breaking down tables & chairs for about 400 people. This year we’re looking into 3 different indoor location possibilities in Lee County. TBA by mid April. Indoors, A/C, easier to hear, and better parking.

Local students will be hosting: The event is geared around a program ( that helps kids with skills that can benefit them later in life. What better way than to give a kid a mic and have them control a room of 400+! Jim will be in the room as an assistant with a mic in his back pocket, but he’s got local kids “running” the event. They’ll run the raffle, make announcements, plus each will make a 2-3 minute presentation about how they’ve benefited from a life-skill they’ve acquired through the Third Draft program.

Support: In the past we gave donations to various local non-profits. This year 100% of the event is going towards the foundation of a life-skills program being developed for the school system. You’ll get a memorable dose of this at the main event from the kids that will be running the show!  

More…… We make it up as we go. You just never know what will evolve between now and event day:)